How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a byproduct of living in the modern world. Our fast-paced, technology-driven lives come with tremendous pressure to do the best, look the best and be the best. For some people, that pressure translates to an anxiety disorder that can make day-to-day tasks feel overwhelming or unachievable.

How can you fight against all this and enjoy a more productive life? Check out these tips to reduce stress and anxiety.

Learn to Say No

Stress often stems from overcommitment. If your free time is filled with activities, you’re overstretched. We all need down-time so our brains and bodies can recharge. If you aren’t giving yourself that, you’re constantly running on borrowed energy.

Try saying “no” more often. It may feel like you’re letting people down, but you should put your own needs first. When you are in a good place, you are better equipped to help others. Prioritize the time commitments that mean the most to you. For everything else, take a break and clear some time for yourself. Use your newfound free time to rest, regroup, and finish forgotten projects on your to-do list.

Take Every Project One Step at a Time

Every project is a series of steps. If you approach it from a step-by-step perspective, the task seems easier to accomplish. For instance, deep cleaning your entire house may feel stressful and daunting. Cleaning one closet is more achievable. Break up your tasks into smaller chunks, and focus on each chunk individually. It may take time, but you will accomplish your goals.

Write down Your Biggest Stressors

What is ultimately causing you the most stress? Is it a lack of sleep? Is it taking care of a certain person in your life? Is it the amount of bills you have to pay?

Take a moment to write down your biggest stressors. Then think of solutions to address each of those issues. If you need more sleep, ask for a change in your work schedule. If you are stretched thin financially, reduce or eliminate some of your bills. Knowing the source of your stress will help you find an exact plan to resolve it.

Find Solutions That Work for You Specifically

The ideas above are a good starting point, but they aren’t personalized to fit your needs. If you want more individualized ideas, the best thing to do is to talk to a therapist. This is a person that you can speak to in confidence, without fear of judgment or negative feedback. Your therapist will listen to your personal struggles and help you come up with ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Therapy also allows you to find the root cause of your stress, giving you a better opportunity to overcome it.

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