The Microwave Method of Time Management: 1 Minute or Less

The Microwave Method of Time Management: 1 Minute or Less

Feel like you never have time to get things accomplished? Does your to-do list seem infinitely longer than your to-done list? You may not be able to tackle every item on your list, but you can do a lot more than you probably think. Today we’re going to discuss a revolutionary idea called the “Microwave Method.” This time management solution works for any person of any age, and it will transform the way you complete tasks.

The Microwave Method: What Can You Accomplish in 1 Minute or Less?

The Microwave Method focuses on one objective:

If you can do something in under a minute, do it now, not later.

One minute may not sound like a long time, but there are plenty of tasks you can complete in that span. Make the bed, wipe off the kitchen counters, put away the dishes, sort/transfer the laundry, throw away junk mail, tidy up a room…the possibilities are endless.

The tasks that put the most stress on your mind are not the big ones. It’s the combination of little tasks that feels overwhelming. Instead of just cleaning a little bit, you feel like you must clean the whole house. If you knock out these small tasks in the moment, you will relieve your stress later on. You will also feel more accomplished throughout the day, which will motivate you to continue making progress.

Why Is It Called the Microwave Method?

What do you do when a plate of food is in the microwave? Do you think of a task to complete, or do you stair aimlessly at the spinning tray? Most people do the latter, which means that they spend valuable time just standing around, doing nothing. What if you spent that same time checking one small task off your to-do list? Think of how much that would add up to at the end of the week!

You Can Do This at Any Time, Not Just When You Microwave

While this concept is inspired by utilizing ‘microwave time,’ you don’t have to do this only when the microwave is running. When you think of a task to do, take one second to consider how long it will take. If it’s less than one minute, get it done now. You won’t have to think about it later, you won’t have to stress about it later, and you won’t have to worry about it getting done. Take a cue from Nike and just do it!

Start challenging yourself to see just how much you can accomplish in one minute. Those chores that feel so time-consuming may only take one or two minutes to complete. Make the most of every moment, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your life stress-free.

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