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Oakland Psychological Clinic is a trusted teen counseling center in Flint, MI. We offer a variety of counseling and therapy services for teens, including depression treatment, anxiety treatment, ADHD treatment, grief counseling, family counseling, self-harm prevention, and more. Our specialists understand the pressures that today’s teens face, and they know proven methods for helping teenagers overcome obstacles in their lives. Give us a call at (810) 732-0560 to schedule an appointment with a teen counselor in Flint, MI.

Will Teen Counseling Help My Child?

We have seen tremendous success from our teen counseling programs. That is because counseling is tailored to suit each person individually. Your child will receive personalized mental health care specific to his or her needs. The process varies from one teen to the next, but the general goals of teen therapy are to…

  • Identify the Root Cause of Depression and Anxiety
  • Look for Underlying Issues That May Cause a Teen to Perform Poorly in School (We Offer Psychological Testing for Learning Disabilities)
  • Help Teens Find Healthy Coping Strategies for Their Emotions – Proven Self-Harm Prevention Solutions
  • Work through Relationship Issues, Family Conflicts, Gender Identity Support, Sexual Orientation Issues and Other Life Transitions
  • Reverse Negative Thinking Habits That Make Depression Worse
  • Boost Self-Esteem and Overcome Eating Disorders
  • Get Specialized Teen Counseling for Today’s World

We work with most insurance groups, and we keep our teen counseling services as affordable as possible. You may schedule a confidential appointment by calling (810) 732-0560. One of our Flint, MI teen counseling experts will be happy to assist you.

Counseling Solutions for the Whole Family

Teen counseling is a family experience. The therapist will work with the teenager on an individual basis, but he or she will also work with the parents. As a family, you will learn how to resolve conflicts and communicate with one another. This creates a better atmosphere in the household and ensures that every member of the family feels appreciated and respected. Contact our therapist office in Flint, MI to schedule a teen counseling appointment for you and your child.

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