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Oakland Psychological Clinic offers psychiatric care in Lake Orion, MI. We have several psychiatrists in the area who offer medication management for children and adults. We accept many insurance plans, and we have convenient office hours for psychiatrist appointments. Many of our patients come to us from direct referrals because our psychiatrists have great reputations in the community. To learn more or to set up an appointment, call our Lake Orion, MI office at (248) 393-5555.

What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

psychiatrist is a mental health professional with a background in medicine. Unlike therapists who study psychology, psychiatrists attend medical school. They provide medication management services for a range of patients. Some people only require psychiatric care for a brief period of time, while others need long-term solutions for their conditions.

Here are some examples of what a psychiatrist may do:

  • Provide Medication Management for Short-Term or Long-Term Mental Health Treatment
  • Work with a Therapist for a Comprehensive Mental Health Care Plan
  • Write or Adjust Prescriptions for Psychiatric Medication
  • Treat Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Other Mood Disorders
  • Discuss Alternatives for Medications When Issues Arise

To determine if a psychiatrist is right for you, contact our counseling center in Lake Orion, MI. If you already receive psychiatric care and are moving to the Lake Orion area, we can continue your care here at our office. Contact (248) 393-5555 to talk to one of our friendly office workers about your needs. The call and all of your appointments are completely confidential.

Should I See a Therapist or Psychiatrist?

If you purely need counseling services, you will work with a therapist. If you need some form of mental health medication, you will need to work with a psychiatrist. Many of our patients in Lake Orion, MI work with a combination of the two. The therapist and psychiatrist work closely with one another to provide a cohesive plan for mental health care. No matter what your needs may be, we will find a setup that works best for you.

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