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With every stage of marriage comes a new obstacle to tackle. Children, job changes, buying a house, retiring – these are all moments that you can get through as a couple. Life transitions can be stressful though, and that stress can lead to tension in the relationship. With marriage counseling, you can learn communication skills and conflict resolution strategies to get through tough times and prevent disagreements in the future. It all starts with a phone call to our Lake Orion therapist office. Call (248) 393-5555 to learn more about marriage counseling.

Personalized Marriage Counseling Solutions for Every Relationship

You have a unique personality. Your spouse does as well. When they combine, they create an even more unique dynamic. All of that factors into how your marriage works. At Oakland Psychological Clinic, we use completely personalized marriage counseling solutions that are tailored to suit each couple. Your marriage counselor will consider your lifestyle, your goals, your past experiences, and everything in between to provide the perfect conflict resolution strategies for your marriage.

  • Experience Therapists Who Specialize in Marriage Counseling and Divorce Prevention
  • A Friendly Office Environment Where Clients Are Treated Like Family
  • Affordable Pricing – We Verify Insurance in Advance to Provide Accurate Price Quotes for Appointments
  • Family Counseling and Individual Counseling Available to Suit Your Needs
  • We Get Regular Referrals from Schools, Churches and Hospitals in Lake Orion, MI
  • Serving Michigan Families Since 1983

For more information or to schedule a marriage counseling appointment in Lake Orion, MI, call (248) 393-5555.

Get Additional Support through Individual Counseling in Lake Orion, MI

We offer individual counseling as well as marriage counseling. If you have personal struggles you’d like to address, this is a great opportunity to do so. Work through depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger management, and other issues that may cause conflicts in your marriage. Along the way, you’ll gain more confidence and feel better prepared to work on issues in your relationship. You can work with the same therapist for individual counseling and marriage counseling, but you may be better off with two separate therapists. Contact our Lake Orion counseling center, and we can suggest which path is right for you.

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