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Oakland Psychological Clinic is a trusted depression treatment provider in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We receive frequent referrals from schools, doctors, and churches in the area because of our specialized counseling services. No matter what type of depression you’re facing, we have a counselor who can assist you. This includes specialized counseling services for grief, trauma, bipolar disorder, body dysmorphia, and more.

  • We Match Every Client with the Best Therapist for His or Her Needs
  • You Will Get Personalized Depression Treatment Specifically for Your Situation
  • Talk to Your Therapist about Anything, from Fears to Regrets to Frustrations and More
  • Enjoy Honest, Positive Feedback from a Depression Specialist in Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Figure out the Source of Your Depression
  • Find Ways to Cope with Depression in between Therapy Sessions
  • Enjoy a Better Quality of Life – The Type of Life You Deserve!

If you are interested in depression treatment, contact our therapist office in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We look forward to working with you.

Will Depression Treatment Work for Me?

We hear this question a lot. Will depression treatment actually help me? How does it work? When will it start working? The truth is that every client is different, so the effects of depression treatment are unpredictable. What we can tell you is that we have seen tremendous success from our depression therapy programs. That is because we match clients with depression specialists who are best equipped to address their specific issues. Our therapists truly care about their patients, and they adjust their therapy plans to fit each situation. With Oakland Psychological Clinic, you will get the personalized therapy you need to overcome your anxiety.

Additional Counseling Services Available in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Depression may not be the only issue you’re dealing with. Anxiety, substance abuse, low self-esteem, eating disorders, relationship conflicts – these are just some of the side effects of depression. At our Bloomfield Hills counseling center, you can receive holistic therapy that tackles all of these issues and more. Your depression treatment can be supplemented with other counseling services, like anger management. If you need couples counseling for you and your partner, we have experienced couples counselors here to assist you. Give us a call to schedule a confidential appointment for therapy.

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