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Every relationship has its difficulties. When you overcome those difficulties together, you strengthen your bond as a couple. That’s one of the biggest focuses of couples counseling – learning how to resolve issues and how to prevent them in the future. At Oakland Psychological Clinic in Milford, MI, we offer confidential couples counseling to guide you through the rough patches. Improve your communication, rebuild your trust, and enhance your quality of life. Call (248) 684-6400 to schedule an appointment with a couples counselor near you.

Confidential Couple Counseling for Every Stage of Your Relationship

The problems you encounter in the first year of marriage are vastly different than the ones after children, after a job transition, after buying a home, etc. As your life progresses, your relationship will need to adapt to it. You can learn how to make those adjustments through couples counseling. We have a number of couples therapy programs in Milford, MI, including:

  • Premarital Counseling and Couples Counseling While Dating
  • Family and Marriage Counseling, Including Blended Family Counseling
  • Divorce Prevention Services from Specialized Couples Counselors in Milford, MI
  • Individual Counseling to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Anger Issues, and More
  • Personalized Counseling to Fit Your Needs as a Couple
  • Couples Therapy after Infidelity, Job Loss, Separation, and More
  • Post-Divorce Counseling That Includes Co-Parenting Solutions

Your couples counselor will personalize your therapy to fit your needs, your personalities, and your daily lives. Learn skills now that you can carry with you throughout your relationship. For more information about couples counseling in Milford, call (248) 684-6400.

Individual Counseling Available in Milford, MI

In addition to couples counseling, you may be interested in individual counseling. This allows you to work through problems you might be having in your own life, like depression, anxiety, addiction, or stress management. Many of the couples in our relationship therapy programs go through individual counseling to supplement their couples therapy. By working through your personal struggles, you’ll be better prepared to handle obstacles in your relationship. Contact our Milford, MI therapist office to learn more.

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