Just a Thought

Katherine A Martin, M.A., L.P.C.

I’ve been asked to share for the month of August and it only took me a moment to decide what I would be interested in sharing, as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist of sixteen years, it’s all about the thought for me. I love collecting them from Facebook, sharing them on my wall and with my patients! Why? Because they seem to be a sensible little cerebral snack to ponder and apply when necessary.

They’re helpful because sometimes our minds become so cluttered that we can’t take in one more thing. There just isn’t any place to put it. Yet, these little thoughts seem to be able to find a place in our mind’s closet when they’re applied and can prove to be quite useful.

I’ve found I’ve got to be brave when I pluck them from Facebook and save them, then share them with others because they are usually things I’m working on for myself. Yet, there’s something very liberating in letting others know that therapy is what I do, it’s not who I am, and I can always find room in my closet for a healthy thought.

Oh yes, the other thing I do is pull out those thoughts that no longer serve a healthy purpose in my life. I’m a strong believer in donating yet those thoughts are just let go of into the universe never to be thought about again.

I’m challenging you to become a collector of thoughts; thoughts that challenge, encourage, and ground you. Thoughts that excite you and grow your imagination. Thoughts that help you to become healthy and whole. Thoughts that bring you to balance in life.

Thoughts that wish you well. Here are a few…

  • It’s the will not the skill
  • Rest and self-care are so important. “When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you
    to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” ~ Eleanor Brown
  • The Simple Life by Unknown author
    Missing somebody – call
    Want to be understood – explain
    Have a question – ask
    Don’t like something – say it nicely
    Like something – declare it
    Want something – ask for it
    Stressed – let go
    Love someone-say it

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