Do You See Me? No, You Can Never See Me.

“Study me as much as you like; you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see.” A quote from the poet and mystic Rumi.

The Eyes

You use your sensory eyes to see. I don’t know a lot about eyes, so this will not be a deep discussion about the physical eyes. Eyes are instruments. They transmit information. They don’t select the data, and they don’t analyze it. They just transfer information. Information goes in through the eye’s lens, and a different form of information comes out and moves down the optic nerve. The outside information and the inside data are not the same. Therefore, we can say, with confidence, we have no idea what’s outside of us.

The input information goes through the eye’s lens. The data is in lightwaves of energy in the light spectrum between about 400 and 900 nanometers of light energy. The output of the eye is electromagnetic energy data. What goes on inside the eye is quite miraculous and mystical. For our little discussion here, we will let what is going on in the eye remain a mystery. The output of the eye is coded raw and unusable data and no objects. It’s the output of the eye that interests me.

What is the eye picking up from the outside environment of everything outside of us? The eye is the interface between the unknown outside and our inside interpretation of the data. Isn’t it exciting to think, outside of you, one form of energy and inside a completely different form of energy? How that inside different energy data is processed is the point of this blog, and why you never see me. Perhaps you have already noticed that nothing of the outside physical environment ever gets inside of you. You are always completely isolated from the external environment except through your sensory input information. If anything from the external environment gets inside of you, you are in trouble.

Not In A Physical Way

I am developing a model of how you see your world and the process of how you see anyone. I am not using physical components but the energetic equivalence. At this point, I am not concerned about how the physical components operate. I am interested in the intention of the system. The model may appear a little strange at first, but be brave and see if it might make sense to you, and maybe you might not recognize me or anyone the way they are.

The model components are numbered, and I will go through the model step by step so as not to miss any of the magic. You do know you are mystical, don’t you? Use your imagination and make it a game of Where’s Waldo.

Step by Step

There is input data into the system, and there is output data. Between input and output, a lot is happening. Follow along; some steps will require more explanation than others:

  1. Input data – The eyes can only pick up wavelengths of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum from around 400 nanometers to 900 nanometers (nm=A millionth of a meter). As received by the eye, the information is meaningless and is just information. Begin to appreciate that all information outside of you is meaningless. How meaning is given to the data is what this model explores. You may also notice, the wavelengths are just wavelengths; there is no color in the wavelengths of energy outside of you. (I’ll bet you thought you saw color outside of you. No, just wavelengths of energy. But then, where does the color you experience come from? We’ll cover that later.)
  2. The eyeball – Through the eyeball’s magic, the wavelengths of energy are converted into electromagnetic data. This process is well known, and you can ask google if you are interested; even so, it is still mysterious.
  3. Output coded data – Coming out of the eye is different data than what entered it. (I show two lines because the is a lot of data going through the eye.) There is a translation from one language to another. How good the translation from input to output can always be problematic, i.e., do you need glasses or not. All communication in the mind and body is in electromagnetic and chemical information, not in word language. Only when the conscious mind is involved, for the most part, is there word language.
  4. Optic nerve – The data moves down the optic nerve to the mind, brain, and central nervous system. I call this combination the active-mind.
  5. Subconscious mind’s filtering system – All input data is reviewed for relevance before being used. If it has no relevance or importance to you, it is meaningless at that moment and not used. If you have no reference or experience with the data, it cannot be used either. (If we were to look at a more scientific approach, we would say this function operates out of the brain’s limbic system. I give this responsibility to the subconscious mind. Stored in the subconscious is where all of your beliefs, experiences, and references are along with all your programming.)
  6. Input data to the active-mind – After the subconscious mind has filtered the data for relevance, the selected data will be less than the started input information. Since the data going to the active-mind is less than incoming information, this means you can never know exactly what is going on in the outside environment. (You might think of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle at this point. The subconscious mind always removed data from the input information. Therefore, there is an uncertainty about the completeness and correctness of the outside event’s interpretation.)
  7. Notice – there is less data after the filtering process. Because of how fast the subconscious sorts the information, you will consciously never ever know that the data has been manipulated, sorted, and filtered.
  8. Active-mind – This is where the interpretation of the filtered and selected data is made. This place is the combination of mind, brain, and central nervous system. Out of the active-mind interpretation is created signals of the inside interpretation of the outside environment. Again notice, the interpretation is not of the input data, but something less. How much less? The filtering of the subconscious mind determines this. That will be determined by what you are carrying inside of you. What do you carry inside of you? Only memories.
  9. Output Signals – Interpretations are thoughts. All thoughts create electromagnetic and chemical signals. These output signals, released by the active-mind go to the mind and body.
  10. Output data – These signals inform the body what systems to change in response to the inside interpretation of what the outside environment may be based on filtered, sorted, and manipulated data. If you look closely, you will see the body is not connected to the outside directly in any physical way.

Can your perception of the outside environment ever be the external environment you think it is? The answer is NO, in case you are not sure. Will you believe with your conscious mind, the answer is yes? Absolutely, because the conscious mind has no idea or understanding that the inside perception is not the outside environment. The conscious mind is the slowest and least informed of all the components of mind and body. Yet, it is what the conscious mind reports to you that you will believe. How crazy is that? But, then, that’s the way it is in this illusion. Oh yes, you are in an illusion.

Can you understand why what is outside of you is meaningless? Meaning is given to what is outside of you by your inside interpretation. That interpretation and perception that flows from it are made from filtered and manipulated data. You never know what is happening outside of you. Therefore, the outside is meaningless to you.

Pick out any object in your surroundings. Look at the object and say, “This object has no meaning.” Take a moment to see what feelings come up for you. See if you can name the feelings. Now again, look at the object and say, “The only meaning this object has for me is the meaning I give it.” How does that feel? The point is this, nothing, nothing outside of you has any meaning at all until you create an interpretation of it inside of you, based on your past beliefs, experiences, and references, which are your memories. If you believe there is any meaning in anything outside of you, that is a misperception. It needs to be corrected. You are never upset for the reason you think. The reason you are upset is that you see something that isn’t there. It is the reason why you are upset. Let us review our journey to this point:

  • Outside of you is meaningless until you bring the data inside and interpret it.
  • You do not understand anything you see through the windows of the eyes. The input data from the senses can’t be used until it is filtered and decoded.
  • Your inside interpretations signal the body how to respond. (Notice the outside environment isn’t connected to the body in any way. Therefore, the body cannot react to the environment in any way.)
  • You can never know what the present moment really is or the truth of what is happening outside of you.
  • You are never upset for the reason you think. Why is that? Because of what you bring into the present moment. What is that? It is your past. Your past is the filter of the present moment. You can’t ever see the moment the way it is. You can only see it through the lens of your past.
  • Heal your past, and you change your present.
Do You See Me? No, You Can Never See Me.

Can you see now why you can never see me? You see nothing the way it is. You see through your interpretation after the data has been filtered through your memories of past experiences. It is never reality. So the sad thing is, you can never see yourself the way you are either, but you will believe you do, and from that belief, you live in an illusory world and believe it is reality.

You see through your lens of the past, through your created memories. Recognize your past is just distorted memories. You are making them right now in the current moment’s interpretations. You live in an illusion, in a dream state, and call it reality. When you awaken, you will be in a different place and a different space.

This is not a new understanding; it is ancient wisdom in new clothes. Oh yes, the colors you think you see outside are interpretations inside of you. Meaning and color are interpretations, and they are only in your world because of how you interpret your world into being. You are the center of your world. It is your interpretation that creates the hologram you are living in your active-mind. Do you still believe you live in an outside universe? There is no external universe as you know it. There is only energy outside of you. The only universe there is for you is the one you created from your inside interpretation. That includes me, and this again is ancient wisdom. What you see of me is your perception of me based on your past. Therefore, you can never see me. I differ in hundreds of ways from what you know of me. You don’t see me the way I am. You see me the way you are.

Michael Faff, MA-LLP, CMHt, Reiki II
YouTube Channel – mike faff living in the illusion
Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

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