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Has your teen been struggling at school or at home? You may have seen a shift in his or her personality, such as social withdrawal or defiance. While some of these experiences are ‘typical teen behavior,’ many are the result of depression and anxiety. Today’s teens face pressures and influences that were not around decades ago, and many of them have a difficult time working through those pressures. If your teen needs assistance, the teen counselors here at Oakland Psychological Clinic are here to assist you.

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Does My Child Need Teen Counseling?

Teen counseling covers a range of issues, from conflicts at home to pressures at school. If your child has been depressed, lethargic, frustrated, or seemingly numb to the world, teen counseling can help. Our teen counselors in Lake Orion, MI know how to speak to teens in a productive way. They understand the struggles they’re facing, and they know how to help them overcome them. Teen counseling provides:

  • Anxiety Treatment and Depression Treatment for Teens
  • Personalized Solutions for Stress Management, Anger Management, and More
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies for Families
  • Tips for Dealing with Peer Pressure, Bullying, and Cyberbullying
  • Self-Esteem Building and Self-Harm Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Recovery
  • Social Media Addiction Treatment
  • Time Management Techniques for the Modern World

To learn more about this process or to schedule an appointment for teen counseling, call (248) 393-5555 to reach our Lake Orion, MI counseling center.

Teen Counseling Appointments Are Covered under Many Insurance Plans

Some parents are hesitant about teen counseling because they are worried about the cost. Here at Oakland Psychological Clinic, we strive to keep our therapy programs as accessible as possible. That is why we work with many insurance plans. There is a good chance that your family healthcare plan covers some or all of your teen’s mental health care costs. When you contact our office in Lake Orion, MI, we can verify your insurance to provide exact pricing upfront. There are no hidden fees and no surprise bills to worry about.

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