Learning Disorder Treatment and Tips for Parents

Learning Disorder Treatment and Tips for Parents

Parents play a key role in learning disorder treatment. They often notice the first signs of learning disabilities, and they set the pace for treatment in the future. Children can work through their learning disorders at home and at school, as long as they have the right guidance along the way. Here is a look at some common forms of learning disorder treatment, along with helpful tips for parents.

Treatment Starts with a Diagnosis

Before learning disorder treatment can begin, you need to know which learning disorder(s) your child may have. There are several types of learning disabilities, all with their own unique characteristics. Dyslexia treatment is different than dyscalculia treatment because the conditions affect the brain in different ways.

Psychological testing is used to identify learning disorders in children and adults. With an evaluation from a specialized psychologist, you can know exactly what type of learning disorder your child has if any, and you can seek the appropriate treatment from there. Contact Oakland Psychological Clinic to learn about our psychological testing services in Michigan. We have several locations in Southeast Michigan, so we can set you up with the testing center closest to you.

Special Education for Children with Learning Disorders

According to the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), all children with learning disabilities may receive free special education from public schools. This usually involves an individualized education program (IEP), which is a specific set of educational guidelines tailored to your child’s needs. The child will work with specialists in school to find learning techniques that work with his or her disability.

There are private schools in Michigan that offer specialized education for learning disabilities. These schools often have smaller classroom sizes, so each student gets consistent attention from the instructor. There are also after-school programs that provide additional education for children with learning disabilities. Some parents opt for at-home tutoring to help their children in the areas they struggle with most. You will need to find the right setup for your child based on your resources and his/her needs.

Counseling for Children with Learning Disorders

Child counseling is not designed to treat the learning disorder, but it can help with other frustrations associated with the condition. For instance, a child who struggles in school may become depressed, defiant, or socially isolated. Child counseling would help the child boost his self-esteem, control his anger, understand his emotions, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Parents can also benefit from counseling. Having a child with learning disabilities may cause extra strain and stress on the parent, but that is something that can be overcome in therapy. If you are interested in family counseling or individual counseling, contact one of our Michigan therapist offices. We have experts on hand in many areas of mental health and behavioral development.

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